Knicks Gaming Announces Two Trades

New York, May 28, 2024 – NBA 2K League Team: Knicks Gaming, the Official NBA 2K League team of Madison Square Garden Sports Corp., announced today that the team has acquired Jyden (Jyden McBath-Spencer) and Jomar (Jomar Varela Escapa).

The following two trade transactions are effective immediately:

Knicks Gaming trade Radiant (Ethan White) and Knicks Gaming 2025 3rd round pick to 76ers Gaming for Jyden (Jyden McBath-Spencer) and Celtics Crossover Gaming’s 2025 1st round pick.

Knicks Gaming trade WhatsStick (Jakari Hunt) and Knicks Gaming 2025 2nd round pick to Pistons GT for Jomar (Jomar Varela Escapa) and Kings Guard Gaming’s 2025 1st round pick.

“Bringing in Jyden and Jomar allows us to continue to make a strong push in the final stretch of the season, while also positioning ourselves well moving forward.” – Coach Nate Kahl.